Fabulous Fall Fashion Trends

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I’ve taken a look at this years runways and I am very excited for the 2016 fall/winter fashion trends. With all the options available, our scarves here at Scarf Around are sure to help you land the style you are looking for this year!

Let’s quickly go through some trends we can expect to see and how the variety of scarves we offer will turn heads when matched just right.

5 items you can expect to see in fashion this fall/winter:

Oversized coats

Oversized coats are totally in this year, making it the perfect opportunity to layer with one of our many scarves. You can wear the same coat all year and easily switch out the scarf to keep it fresh. Begin the fall with one of our lighter options, perhaps the Silk chiffon. When the weather turns cold and you are ready to add thicker layers, switch up your scarf of choice to one of our beautiful silk-wool options. With your cozy Scarf Around addition, you won’t have to worry about a bare neck touching the cold and you will still stay right on trend with your lovely scarf.

Oversized knits

Along with the oversized coats, the oversized knits that seemed to dominate the runways this year, are great for layering with scarves. You are sure to keep warm with one on of our silk cotton or silk wool options. Of course, you can always wear the chiffon if you prefer. An option you may enjoy with your oversized knit, is wearing the chiffon as a head piece instead of around the neck.

Boyfriend blazers

An adorable addition that can be dressed up or dressed down is the boyfriend blazer. With the boyfriend blazer in style this year, you can easily add one of our scarves. If you are going for a casual look, match the blazer with jeans, a simple shirt and one of our silk cotton or silk wool scarves. If you are on your way to a work meeting, dress up the blazer with some dress pants and one of our silk chiffon options tied just right. You are sure to look professional, yet still fashionable.


Velvet was all over the runways this year and I am excited to see how this trend will take off! Personally, I would keep the velvet simple, choosing darker shades and matching it with one of our silk-chiffon scarves. Imagine a black, stretchy bodycon dress paired with an exquisite hand painted chiffon scarf! Now that would turn heads as you walk down the street! Or if you prefer something a little simpler but still trendy, you can get a pop of color with one our solid options.



Leather is one of the oldest and most used inventions known to mankind. And it’s still in style today. Leather can be worn in many ways, from tight leather pants, to the leather jacket, to the leather shoe or even a leather bag. It is no question as to why leather covered the runways for the 2016 fall/winter season as it is a timeless piece of attire. If you are going for the Sandy from Grease look, pair the leather with one of our eye-catching silk chiffon pieces.

How amazing would you look with your favorite chiffon silk as a hair accessory or tied around your neck as a choker?! You could even tie it around your waist to break up all the leather. If you are going with the leather jacket look, add one of our silk cotton or wool pieces around your neck. Keeping the scarf loose and long with a leather jacket is definitely a fashion trend this year.

Ok, so now that we have gone over some fashion trends we can expect to see this fall/winter, let’s talk colors.

Fall/Winter Colors


Black seems to be a staple in most peoples closet. And that won’t change anytime soon. I love black because it allows me to really accessorize with some of my favorite scarves. With a background of black, the colors of The Corail: coral cotton silk scarf (or really any Scarf Around item) become accentuated.


While we are talking dark colors, Navy continues to stay in style. Our blue and turquoise cotton silk scarf is a great add to your wardrobe. You are guaranteed to get loads of compliments with this beautiful choice. If you prefer to have a little more color, yet still match your navy garment, you can try the hand painted rainbow or orange blue silk scarf. Of course, those are not your only options with navy!


White is another staple that seems to stay in fashion. With all the options we offer, you can easily pair your outfit with any of our silk-cotton, silk chiffon or silk-wool options. With so many colors and levels of warmth, the looks are endless!


Nude/tan is another easy to match option that was seen over and over again on the runway this year. We recommend The Chameau men’s scarf to make a trendy statement. Pair it with a darker color and you are for sure to stay warm while staying in style.

The overall look this fall will be casual and cozy. So be on the lookout for items you can layer. Of course, you cannot go wrong with a gorgeous scarf from Scarf Around. Pick a few simple pieces you can wear and play mix and match with all your exquisite scarves. This is a simple technique that will help you be practical and stay fashionable.

Men and women alike generally want to dress to impress. What you are wearing can say so much about you and strangers read into who you are by merely the fashion statement you are making. That’s why we offer a variety of beautiful silk scarves. Fashion is one thing, but style is something that takes your appearance to another level. By having a silk scarf (or more!) in your wardrobe, you are making a trendy and stylish statement!

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