How Your Scarves Are Made

[x_text]Our scarves are made from high-quality natural materials – silk, merino wool, linen, cotton and cashmere.[/x_text]
[x_text class=”left-text “]The weave is on high-technology weaving machines.[/x_text]
[x_text]Every thread is monitored so that the fabric is as perfect as possible.[/x_text]
[x_text class=”left-text “]The last phase of the scarves is the stitching. Each scarf has a different type of stitching, such as a hem or fringe.[/x_text]
[x_text]Finally, a rigorous quality control is performed where each scarf is checked one by one and defects are removed.[/x_text]

Where Your Scarves Come From


The factories and artisans that create scarves for Scarf Around are located in the heart of Lyon, France. Lyon itself has a rich tradition of producing luxurious textiles spanning centuries, and our factories are no exception.

The images below were taken by us in one of these factories where our scarves are made today – a family-owned silk manufacturing business spanning six generations.

Their history producing scarves dates back to the French revolution. Their trade craft has been handed down from father to son and mother to daughter, a tradition that still continues.

Blending generational wisdom, old-world tradition, modern technology and the latest fashion trends, our designers and family artisans offer exceptionally rare and exceedingly unique scarves.

We invite you to join us in this rich, unforgettable experience today.