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Designer French Silk Scarves by Scarf Around

The Fashionista’s Guide

Designer French Silk Scarves by Scarf Around

Eternally fashionable, French silk scarves make the most versatile accessory for women. They’re available in a wide range of designs, shapes, and sizes, giving you the guarantee that you’ll find a scarf ideal for all seasons and occasions.

Likewise, as a fashion accessory, these scarves flow loosely against the skin, and feels sophisticated and smooth.

Contrary to popular belief, tying scarves isn’t as complicated as what it looks like, and there are several attractive scarf tying techniques that are quite easy to learn. Though, if you have never bought a French silk scarf before, there are plenty of things that you must consider. For one, learning about how to pick the right silk scarf to add in your wardrobe is an essential part of making a wise purchase.

So, without further ado, here we are to present a comprehensive guide in regard to everything you need to know about French silk scarves.

The Soleil: Multicolor Wool Cotton Silk Striped Scarf – Women’s

What Makes These Scarves So Popular?

No doubt, scarves are another classic investment piece, especially for women. It was originally designed to keep you warm and cozy during fall and winter months, but today there are all types with lighter ones for spring and summer.

The question is, what’s the trend about these scarves? Why are they getting more and more popular lately?

Well, for starters, its position in fashion has been changing over the years. In fact, silk scarves have become less of a necessity, but more of an accessory.

Now, you can wear scarves even when the winter months are over. You can say that French silk scarves is on a similar level with a statement jewelry or designer bag. It’s a finishing piece that provides another layer in one’s outfit– not just literally, but figuratively as well.

Every woman probably has more than one silk scarves in her wardrobe. Although on the surface, it might seem like a scarf isn’t necessary at all, paying close attention to it will give you the idea that silk scarves have been hitting the fashion runway, but that’s not it. It’s also perfect for every season.

During early fall, a silk scarf can make the neck warm, while allowing you to stand out and be fashionable among the crowd. That said, silk scarves are really popular, that you can easily find a number of girls on the street wearing silk scarves– most of them are either teachers, white collars, and there are some who are female stars!

Silk scarves have been a shadow of the fashion industry, that we can even say; where fashion exists, expect that there will be silk scarves. It’s like a powerful weapon that’s capable of making women more charming and beautiful.

The Constellation: Black and Silver Metallic Wool Silk Scarf

A Few Fashion Tips for French Silk Scarves

There are some rules that you should follow when it comes to wearing French silk scarves, such as:

– Any color that suits you, don’t hesitate to try it on! What’s good about silk scarves is the fact that they’re so versatile. In fact, almost anything can work with black, and if you aim is to brighten your face, then any brilliant hue will do!

– There’s nothing wrong with wearing the same classic pieces as often as you want to. You can switch the scarf, as well as the way you tie it on– these are just some of the ways on how to achieve a new look.

– If you want to add more interest and compliment your chosen style, consider the use of pattern scarves. For the Bohemian chic, nothing could go wrong with the floral and flirty. For a minimalistic look, you can consider the geometric shames.

– Keep in mind, proportion, proportion, and proportion.

The Caméléon: Green & Grey Cotton Silk Scarf

Ways to Wear Your Silk Scarf

1. Trust the French women when it comes to fashion and style– try rocking the scarf choker.

2. Look for a wide-brim hat and wrap the scarf around the top portion of it. You’ll definitely have a rock-and-roll vibe on this.

3. Wearing a scarf loosely around your neck is quite normal now; if you want to get a little more adventurous, try tying it on your hair.

4. If you’re not aware, scarf makes a great belt, and when you don’t need it anymore, you can easily pin it on your blazer to make it more fashionable.

The Chameau: Khaki Cotton Cashmere Silk Scarf – Women’s

How to Take Care of Your Scarf

Due to the fact that silk is a very delicate material, it needs proper care and handling at all times. After every use, make it a habit to hang the silk scarf over the hanger with a pants bar. This gives the assurance that the scarf won’t get any creases nor wrinkles when not in use. Likewise, even though most French silk scarves are 100% silk, you ought to know that there are blends of cotton and silk.

A lot of silk scared are dry clean only. However, there are some that can be hand washed using a mild detergent.

Friendly Reminder: Always check the labels first to have an idea of how to clean the scarf. For those who are thinking of hand washing their scarf, see to it that cool water would be used. Also, don’t wring the scarf too much. After washing the scarf, lay it flat or hang it to dry. A portable handheld laundry steam can also be used.

The Rouge: Red Silk Wool Scarf/Shawl

How Did It All Start?

Before the end of the first World War, the silk industry was the most vibrant trades in France. However, it took 14 centuries before the whole world have noticed this. During that time, the major player in silk industry was no other than Italy; not only did it dominate Europe, but the whole world as well.

Some of the most famous trading centers, where Venice, Genoa, Florence, and Lucca. Wherein, France had become the main trading partner of Italy, and the balance of trades were usually in favor of the Italians.

That’s why, during the 15th century, King Francois I decided to start a silk production monopoly in Lyon, France. This became a threat to Italy’s leadership in silk production. During the year of 1685, Louis XIV decided to reverse the Edict of Nantes. This gave the protestants several rights in France.

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