Irene Pappas - Founder of Scarf Around

Irene Pappas – Founder of Scarf Around

Through a lifetime filled with travel — from a childhood in Saudi Arabia and Holland to an adulthood in Greece, America, and everywhere in between — I’ve learned that “home” isn’t always a physical place.

With my travels, I left behind most things– one couch replaced another– there was little I took with me. With each new move, I acquired an entirely different wardrobe appropriate for my home at that time and the chapter of life I was in. One thing always stuck with me though– my scarves.

I began collecting scarves as a young girl in Saudi Arabia, and have since gathered a scarf in every place I have called home. The beauty, warmth and adaptability of my scarves have allowed me to blend in and also stand out, no matter where my meandering path has taken me.

I started ScarfAround to share my “home” with the world. Now that my path has become more settled, I have turned my attention to sharing my very best scarf discoveries with the world. All of my scarves are hand selected by me and imported from Lyon, France.

These scarves have kept my heart connected to my global home, stringing together the story of my life.[/x_text]