The Nifty Scarf

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F2 FlamboyantThanks to you again, Irini, for the nifty scarf!


This is how I would describe it.

I would say that the design is reminiscent of flowery forms in shades of violet that, further down the scarf, merge with leafy greenery intermingled with the violet. A nice mix! Its fabric, so soft, so light, makes it ideal for an interior scarf.

Yes, you see, interior scarves are integral elements of my attire. While I am referring to that which I don whilst hangin’ out at the homestead, I also wear some of the same articles to go out. Of course interior scarves are of paramount importance as are all those things we’re the most drawn to in the interior attire category. We always strive for high levels of comfort at home, so it seems to me, and perhaps the highest! A light-weight, soft scarf takes the cake according to my criteria as concerns at-home comfort. It’d be even better if I had a garden, or at least a goddamn balcony. Then I could put the scarf to further use, keep me comfortable as I step outside and air out. Maybe in the next pad? Next hotel? room with a view, room with a balcony!




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