Travel Tales- Falling in Love with Lyon

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As a child moving around the world, my scarves were the easiest and lightest souvenirs to pack with me. Starting in Saudi Arabia, my little collection grew into a mad passion. In all my travels, there’s been no greater place to pick up the perfect scarf than Lyon.
To visit Lyon is to find yourself in another world. For a long time, Lyon was the second most important city in the country, the meeting point between chilly Northern France, Switzerland to the east, and warmer Mediterranean climates to the south. It makes perfect sense that the silk trade blossomed here during the Renaissance and transformed the city. The vaulted ceilings of La Croix-Rousse, home to the silk industry, give a light and airy feeling while making space for the massive looms used to produce our scraps of silk. Casual elegance seems to flow from the cobblestones.
Best of all, in December the city lights up with the Festival de Lumieres, driving back winter and commemorating the end of the plague in Lyon.
The factory we chose to make our precious scarves captured all of the grand traditions of France. Starting from the French Revolution, entire families have dedicated their lives to producing absolute beauty. Here, six generations have worked to stay up to date on the latest developments in weaving technology.
Each scarf we choose is infused with the beauty of Lyon. Choosing them is a pleasure, wearing them even more so.
What reminds you of your favorite trip?

by Scarf Around

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